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What Are Good Keto Items To Get At A Farmer‘s Market?

Making a grocery list or deciding what to buy at the store is largely dependent on what type of diet you are on at the moment. For a person who is on a keto diet, there are certain items you will be restricted to buying.

A keto diet consists largely of low carbohydrate food and high-fat food content. While you can get some of these food items at the grocery store, certain items can only be gotten at the farmer’s market.

What Are Good Keto Items To Get At A Farmer‘s Market? These keto items can be gotten, low carb vegetables like Zucchini, squash, salad greens, cauliflowers, bell peppers, green beans, broccoli. These vegetables are not just low carbohydrate foods but they also contain different vitamins and minerals the body needs.

They also contain fibers and antioxidants to keep the body strong and healthy. Apart from vegetables, there are also some other items which are suitable for a keto diet at the farmer’s market.

Items like pork, shellfish, eggs, locally made cheese and so on you can read more on the website pages of some of this market.  There are more farmers’ market with an increased level of keto items on sale.

These statistics is due to the increased awareness of the benefits of keto diet in fighting off major deadly diseases like epilepsy, diabetes, cancer, and hypertension. Doctors and nutritionists are beginning to use the keto diet as a means of curing these illnesses.

It has been widely welcomed by the masses because it is an all-natural method. Some of the benefits of keto foods are:

There is an increase in the rate of good cholesterol HDL to bad cholesterol LDL, reduction of insulin levels in the body, bad fat in the body is reduced, no cravings for sweets or sugary things that can cause harm to the body, lower blood pressure.

List Of Safe Keto Food Items You Can Get At A Farmer’s Market

1. Meat:

It might sound a bit tricky but meat is a very good keto food. The only clause is that it has to be organic. Try to avoid the processed ones as much as possible. There are greater chances of getting organic meat at the farmer’s market than at a grocery.

The major reason is that the beef from the farmer’s market is grass-fed. Therefore, it contains all the nutrients gotten from the grass.

2. Seeds and Nuts:

Whole nuts and seeds are very good keto foods. Although the oils are not so keto-friendly. These nuts are to be taken in controlled quantity because of their carb contents.

Examples of some nuts to go for are pecans, pumpkin seeds, macadamia, almond, peanuts, pistachios, and sunflower seeds. These nuts and seeds also have their butter which is low in sugar and high in good fats. A good example is walnut butter.

3. Vegetables:

As stated above, green and leafy vegetables are good for the keto diet. You can never go wrong with these in your diets. Zucchini, cauliflower, spinach.

For those times you feel like taking something high in carbohydrates, you can take some root crop like yams, potato, carrots, etc. but in low quantity. Sea vegetables are also very good keto diets. Although they are not so popular.

4. Diary:

At the mention of the word diary, the mind automatically thinks milk. But, milk is not advisable for a keto diet except it’s a 100% grass-fed cow milk. In most cases, finding such is usually hard. It is therefore advisable to stay away.

There is also the high amount of sugar contained in milk, this content is not good for a person on a keto diet. Cheese and cream are better options instead. Butter is also included. As an alternative, you could make use of coconut milk and almond milk in your diets.

5. Snacks:

Being on a keto diet does not mean a death sentence. You can still have all the benefits of being on a normal diet. A good example is snacking. There is a very good snack for keto diets you can make or get at a farmer’s market. Some are cucumbers, celery, flax seed crackers, pork rinds, meat sticks, cheese sticks. They are low in sugar and keto-friendly.

6. Eggs:

Eggs are very good keto foods only if they are organic. A farmer’s market has these in large supply. Cheese and yogurts made from these eggs are also great for a keto diet.

7. Fruits:

You can never go wrong with fruits. Although they contain high antioxidants, they also have a type of sugar called fructose and have low levels of fat. There are therefore certain fruits good for a keto diet. Fruits like avocado, olive, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, etc.

8. Flour:

While white flour is great for baking, there are other types of flours which are better suited for making keto foods. Flours like Almond flour, sesame flour, coconut flour, sunflower seed flour.

Why You Should Get Your Stock at a Farmer‘s Market?

A farmer’s market is specifically made for items that are quite difficult to get at a grocery store. There are different sections for different items in the market, it is therefore easy to navigate your way around.

It is usually a one-stop-shop for all things vegetables and dairy products. A large quantity of the dairy products are fresh. The locals take great care in making them. There are no artificial preservatives in the food items as well. The food items are available all year round as well.

Important Tips On Getting Items at a Farmer‘s Market

  • At any market, if you want to get the best farm produce, it is better to get there early. You would be able to select the ones you want before other people start coming.
  • If you have the intention of buying fish and meat, it is better to have a cooler in your car to keep the items cool until you get home.
  • Whatever you want to buy, no matter how small take your bags along.
  • It is safer to have some change with you. This precaution makes your buying easier and saves a lot of time. You are going to a place where there are no machines to make change for you.
  • If you don’t have much money and want a good deal, you can go later in the day. By then, the rush of the market has reduced and the sellers will want to sell off whatever remains of their goods to avoid bringing it back the next day.