How to make homemade remedies smell good

How to make homemade remedies smell good?

There’s nothing as refreshing as using homemade remedies. You get to treat whatever problem you have at the privacy and comfort of your home. Whether they are homemade remedies for erectile dysfunction or for the flu, no one will ever know.

The best part is that these remedies can be personalized to substitute products that you may be allergic to. These remedies are both efficient and effective and can help with almost any condition from the common cold to homemade remedies for erectile dysfunction. The only downside, however, is that most of the time they don’t have an appealing smell.

How then can you make homemade remedies smell good?

Add some lemon or orange

These two ingredients will not only add to flavor but also help reduce the overwhelming smell. You could either squeeze the juice into your homemade recipe or grate the rinds into it. Besides, some remedies require lemon juice to be part of the ingredient.

Add some fresh pineapple juice

Who doesn’t love the sweet smell of pineapple? Not only does the pineapple smell good, but it also tastes good too! All you have to do is add a slice of pineapple to your remedy or make some pineapple juice and add it in. Ensure you add in just the right amount to prevent over diluting the remedy.


Just imagine the tantalizing smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls. There’s a reason why so many pastry recipes require cinnamon as an ingredient. By adding cinnamon to your homemade recipe, it will not only smell good but have an extra boost to its taste.  Here are some additional benefits of cinnamon.

Improvise the remedy into a smoothie

Whether you love banana smoothies or strawberry smoothie, you could improvise the remedy based on your preferences. This will make it seem like more of a refreshing drink than medicine and enhance a fruity scent and flavor. You just have to incorporate a banana or strawberry into the other ingredients and blend it into a smoothie.

Homemade remedies are as effective as medicine but are even better because they are made of natural ingredients. While these ingredients are healthy, the smell is enough to put someone off. Since it is impossible to drink the remedy without smelling it, your only option is to make it smell better. How? By using the above ways! You should never let the smell of a homemade remedy discourage you from taking it. Why should you miss out on immense medicinal benefits while you can fix the smell?